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Through the Viewfinder Photography

Wedding, Elopement & Adventurous Couple Photography for the wildly in love. Authentic, raw & real.

Kategorie: Fotograf

I’m Lisa. A Wedding, Elopement & Adventure Photographer based in Switzerland, 25 years young, German, Mom to the cutest puppy on the planet ( I know that’s what all dog parents say but in this case its true), addicted to iced latte’s, explorer, creator, hiker, scuba diver, lover wanderer, adventurer, a barefoot soul and a wife to be.

I’m not your average wedding photographer. It's important to me to not separate my business from who I am as a person. I’ve tried to fit into the scheme of 0815 wedding photography for a while but figured after a while that this doesn't inspire or represent me as a person at all so I stopped doing what everybody else seemed to be doing and tried a more personal and informal road

Human connections & adventures are my jam!! I’ve found that by specializing in these intimate & outdoorsy weddings and sessions I get to connect with my couples on a deeper level which is really important for me. I love to work with clients that become friends and I’m not a fan of overly professional business relationships. You let me in to be a part of your big day; to capture your most intimate moments and emotions and I don’t think I can do this as good when I don’t have a connection with you. I don’t want to be just another vendor to be checked off your list. I want to be someone you can truly trust to capture your most important moments right the way you want them to be captured. Your photos will outlast your cake, flowers, and probably even your dress. And when all the guests are gone and all the wine is drunk in 40 years from now this is whats going to be important. You're not just getting photos from your day, you're getting captured memories from authentic moments that will fade in memory but last a lifetime. Oh and by the way: You gonna get someone who does not only capture all these moments but also a meaningful experience. I’d rather tell my friends about that amazing adventure session where we hiked for two hours and had an amazing time together while getting our pictures taken then looking back to two hours of awkward posing and stiff grins... Sound good? Great!
Get in touch with me I’m excited to hear from you soon.

Follow along on Instagram if you're keen: https://www.instagram.com/theviewfinderphotography/


  • Kategorie: Fotograf
  • Adresse:
    Imbisbühlstrasse 117
    CH-8049 Zürich

  • Telefon:
    +49 1726960261


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